Write Sharp Now: Call for Submissions

Author N. L. Sharp and Prairieland Press are accepting submissions for an anthology entitled Write Sharp Now: Kids Writing for Kids, from students in grades 4th – 8th until March 1, 2020.

We are seeking personal narratives, fictional short stories, memoirs, informational essays, and persuasive essays, with word counts between 500 and 1,000 words each. Ten writing pieces in each of these five genres will be published in the anthology, with a tentative publication date of October 1, 2020. (If ten exemplary pieces in each genre are not received by March 1st, Prairieland Press reserves the right to extend these deadlines.)

Writing pieces will be selected based on how well writers demonstrate advanced writing skills in ten different focus areas. (The submission criteria with the ten focus areas are word count, paragraph development, sentence structure, word choice, elaboration of ideas, rules of the genre, an engaging lead, a sense of closure, effective use of transitions, and correct conventions.)

A complete submission guide plus a complete writing rubric (detailing the expectations of each of the ten focus areas) have been developed by Prairieland Press and N. L. Sharp to help students and teachers in the preparation of their writing submissions. You may download this packet here:

Writing is to be done by the student, but writers can and should receive guidance and instruction from adults, in much the same way that any writer would have guidance and instruction from an editor, writing group, or writing coach before submitting a piece for publication.

There is no cost for a student to submit his or her writing for consideration. If a piece is selected for inclusion in the anthology, the student will not receive any monetary compensation, but both the student and the teacher will each be given a free complimentary copy of the anthology. To protect the privacy and anonymity of the writer, each writer will be asked to submit a pen name to be used as the byline of the writing piece.

If your student’s writing piece is selected for inclusion in the anthology, the parent or guardian of the student will be required to complete a release form, granting all rights to the publication of this piece. The release form is included in the packet for your convenience.

Please use the form at the bottom of this page to submit any and all pieces of writing to the anthology. If you have other questions, please contact Nancy at NWagner (at) PrairielandPress (dot) com.

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