Finding Nancy

Finding Nancy Lifestyle

The antique dollhouse had been the start of her troubles. Could it possibly be the end to them, as well?

Nancy’s world is spinning out of control. Her mother has disappeared without a trace. Now her father is gone, as well. Nancy and her brother are forced to live with the cousin she despises and the aunt she mistrusts.

But when Nancy and her cousin Cassie are drawn into a mystery surrounding a haunted family heirloom, Nancy is forced to take a new view of her old life. Will she finally have the courage to make the changes necessary to find the girl she was truly meant to be?

Nona Brooks Morrison has been a writer for most of her life.  She has been published in numerous magazines for both adults and children and writes both fiction and non-fiction. She has worked as a newspaper reporter, editor and photographer and has written training materials for a major chemical company, but much of her experience is as a freelancer. Stories for young people are her special love.

Nona Morrison author

Besides Finding Nancy, Morrison is also the author of the Prairieland Press titles Marigold and The Ghost Juggler.

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