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In 2004, Sharp was publishing with a small Nebraska publisher out of Crete, Nebraska. When that publishing company declared bankruptcy, Sharp was faced with a decision. She could either watch her book The Ring Bear disappear or she could establish her own company to market and sell through the inventory on that title.

She chose the second option and Prairieland Press was born. Originally, Prairieland Press was committed solely to N. L. Sharp and her books. But in 2015, Sharp opened the doors of her publishing house to a limited number of other authors.

Prairieland Press proudly publishes books that we believe are suitable for the entire family. Because Sharp was a teacher for more than twenty years, Prairieland Press is currently in the process of creating an educational writing curriculum, as well.

Besides the usual suspects (local bookstores, Amazon and other online bookstores, etc.) our books are available through the wholesale distributor Ingram. But if you want multiple copies of one or more titles of our titles, please contact us directly for special pricing.

Unfortunately, Prairieland Press is a small company that is open by invitation only. Want to know how to get an invitation to submit? Check out our submissions page.

The easiest way to contact us if via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!