IBPA Hybrid Publishing Criteria #8

Demonstrate respectable sales.

Below you will find the IBPA wording regarding “best practices” in black, while comments about Prairieland Press’s specific practices are in green.

A hybrid publisher should have a record of producing several books that sell in respectable quantities for the book’s niche. This varies from niche to niche; small niches, such as poetry and literary fiction, require sales of only a couple thousand copies, while mass-market books require more.

This is an interesting criteria and the most difficult to respond to in a factual manner, because sales depend upon so many variables, not the least of which is the author’s involvement with promotion and marketing. Obviously, what is respectable by one person’s standards may very well be dismal by another’s. So, what we can and will say unequivocally in regard to this particular criteria is that Prairieland Press makes its money on each book the same way our authors make their money–through the sales of our books to our readers. So it is to our advantage to sell as many books as possible to our readers and we work with our authors to try and make that happen!


CRITERIA #1: Define a mission and vision for it’s publishing program.

CRITERIA #2: Vet submissions.

CRITERIA #3: Publish under its own imprint(s) and ISBNs.

CRITERIA #4: Publish to industry standards.

CRITERIA #5: Ensure editorial, design, and production quality.

CRITERIA #6: Pursue and manage a range of publishing rights.

CRITERIA #7: Provide distribution services.

CRITERIA #8: Demonstrate respectable sales.

CRITERIA #9: Pay authors a higher-than-standard royalty.

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